General Internal Medicine- A Special Treatment with Multiple Subspecialties.

Internal Medicine is one special division of medicine that includes surgery, pediatrics and under special circumstances ob-gyn. These specialties have got further sub divisions in themselves as well, which can be easily derived from the General Internal Medicine. They can be organ oriented like that of cardiology and nephrology, system oriented like that of immunology, age oriented like that of Geriatrics and condition oriented like that of pregnancy.

So what can be easily ascertained from the above mentioned fact is that, General Internal Medicine is an all encompassive medical treatment where not a single section goes untouched. What gives it the edge is being non surgical and invasive. There’s no gender biasness for such treatment and treats all the organs with all the diseases that are susceptible to medical treatment, specially the critical ones where multiple organs are affected with due to one or multiple diseases with or without co-morbidity.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala, who is one of the renowned names in the field of Internal medicine, and has made it as his specialty believes, that the preferred level of attention that general internal medicine puts is curative or secondary prevention, even after having both knowledge and training for primary attention. Internal medicine does have the ability to treat the medical pathologies concerned with the pregnant women and a many medical complication that might arise during surgeries and anesthesia. Internal Medicine has found itself a strong foundation in the fields of epidemiology and evidence based medicine.

Although its objective is not paying attention to the greater populations but solely the patient himself, using the bio-psycho-social model which is highly popular in the medical field. What makes internal medicine a hot favorite in the industry is them being updated with the current knowledge of medical technology and never abuses technology, since its foundation has been the clinical practice. Therefore, it employs semiology and complements it with therapeutics.

Another reason, why General internal medicine grows popularity in the market is the scope that it provides to all its sub specialties to develop as an individual mode of treatment. Like any other specialties, it has given enough room to each of them to develop, exist and grow as one of the largest therapeutic procedures. No one can ever find a professional internist forcefully intruding into practices like cardiac catheterism or might be digestive endoscopy- these are some respective fields which are left to their specific subspecialties.

As the era of super specialization moves forward, fueled by the technological changes and growth of the medical knowledge, general internal medicine grows stronger and more prominent. Following this particular model of specialization, internal medicine specialists, like Vijaya Prakash Boggala revindicate the generalist spirit of internism, and corresponds with the complimentary vision of life. The goal towards which the internal medicine specialists head is solving 80% of medical problems that the patients face, understand the angle of their pathologies and interact with different problems with an effort to harmonize them. They make sure that your mind and body, heart and soul are in complete synchronization.