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Important Facts about MDMA Harm Reduction One of the most essential things that you should take into consideration when you are going to take drugs of any sorts if to be knowledgeable about their possible risks as well as complications and to use these details in order to make your usage as safe and as answerable as possible. Unluckily, most of the knowledge about drugs that has been imparted to us by the public education campaigns as well as school are founded on fear or in support of asceticism instead of education and reducing harm and decreasing the access to credible information about drugs. So in this article, you will be able to know a couple of important information about harm reduction in the sage of MDMA. This substance is pretty widely utilized among the college and university students. It is important that we know the beneficial effects of this drug, but then again, it will be more important to know the risks it can give to us. 1. Assessment. One of the main problems in deliberating about utilizing MDMA is that, in most instances, people have no assurance that what they are placing inside their system is in fact MDMA. For instance, it is not common for MDA or methylone to be vended as MDMA or for other enhanced to be mixed with it. And this is one of the important things that makes buying of drugs from just a random person during an event and taking it that night unsafe since you have no chance to verify what you have just purchased.
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As a result, it is highly recommended that you purchase a kit in order for you to verify the identity of the drug. This is actually a set of various solvents that can be leaked onto a tiny sample and the resulting color change will help you find out what type of substance it is. You can buy the testing kits any harm reduction institutions which is made up of associates of the ECM or electronic music community.
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2. First timer. Before you place a full dose on your system for the very first time, it is highly recommended for you to take a quarter first, about 20 to 30 mg which is sometimes termed as allergy test. The main reason for this is that a part of the population has a lack in liver enzyme that is needed to process the MDMA as well as other drugs. And this is termed as fatty liver disease and is often not diagnosed. The ruined metabolism of MDMA would lead to far longer and stronger effects at doses that are just usual for other people and the chances of overdose and overheating are increased.